Hip-hop, Rap, Trap


Unique, expressive and dynamic artist. Serotone will turn your world around, taking you into an emotional journey. Energetic, will start up the fire deep within you. Headphones, speakers or at the concert, he'll make you rage, feel free, and express yourself through his music. First album "Toane" (2019) put him in the spotlight, with personal productions and engineering for the whole project. Second album "Blunto" (2020) pushed the artist even further, putting the album's single on a personal record for streams. The single "Maria" (2021) lifted the stake up, like always, immersive and unique, channeling his our personal experiences towards music. The latest release "MORPHO" (2022) changed everything, with sound never shared before publicly, the artist took over a year to complete the latest project, going through his personal metamorphosis, just to bring you the most unique, dynamic and fresh album ever heard.