• 15/03/2024

    The Session Room w/ Juni H toch R [::after] & Vladimirescu [Eufonic]

STARTS @ 21:00

Prepare to experience the vibrant pulse of PIXEL as we dive into the electrifying energy of Friday nights at another round of TSR. 

Juni H toch R [::after]

“Her taste in music tells a distinct story. From melancholic dreamy synths to punchy percussion and aggressive basslines, her mixing traverses a vast sonic spectrum, leaving no emotion unexplored. “

Vladimirescu [Eufonic]

“After over a decade immersed in the depths of minimal music, Vladimirescu emerges into the spotlight with a repertoire captivating listeners from start to finish. Electro, Techno, House, you name it. Tune in and let yourself guided by the sounds.” 

Let yourself be carried away by the beat tonight and watch as your soul takes flight!

Juni H toch R
Vladimirescu [Eufonic]