You're welcome to join us.

PIXEL revives the beat in Timisoara’s heart, bringing new rhythms in the iconic Unirii Square. PIXEL is more than a venue. It’s a space of freedom, of experiment, of innovation, a canvas to craft unforgettable performances and cut out a new vision of enduring value.

Hinted in the name, PIXEL is a space of concentrated essence, hosting up to 200 passionate explorers for authentic experiences. The state-of-the-art Danley Sound Labs sound system along with extensive acoustic treatment guarantee that music will resonate with unmatched clarity, inviting the audience to discover new meanings to what the entertainment industry is capable of in the 21st century.

PIXEL proposes an integrated approach when it comes to its events, from technical matters to design, hospitality, and branding. We invite you to become part of this story, and craft a unique chapter to fulfill your artistic vision.
P.ța Unirii 6